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Harkins Theatres, Attn: Dan Harkins
United States of America

This petition is intended to highlight the widespread desire among many Flagstaff residents to see more mature, thoughtful, independent, educational, artistic and foreign films at the Flagstaff Harkins 11 Theater. We are tired of having so few good movie options, and so many mindless movies that target teenagers.

Whereas Flagstaff, Arizona has only one movie theater that regularly shows new movies. And whereas the nearest other theater is an hour away in Sedona (also operated by Harkins). And whereas Harkins theaters are operated by Harkins Theatres of Phoenix, Arizona, a corporation with numerous theaters in several Arizona cities and several U.S. states. And whereas the Harkins Flagstaff 11 theater has 11 movie screens.

And whereas Flagstaff has a sizable population of mature adults, with 54 percent being over 25, and 37 percent being over 35. Only 22 percent of Flagstaff residents are between ages 5 and 19. Only 16 percent are between age 10 and age 19. http://tinyurl.com/2axb8vo

And whereas Flagstaff has a highly educated population, with its largest employer being Northern Arizona University, with more than 3,000 employees. Other major employers include Flagstaff Medical Center with 2,000 employees, the school district (1,700), W.L Gore, a medical device manufacturer (1,300), local county and city governments with about a thousand employees each, and Coconino Community College with 400 employees. http://tinyurl.com/272r9kj

And whereas Netflix reports that Flagstaff residents rent intelligent and artistic movies frequently. A recent list of Flagstaff Netflix favorites includes such artistic films as "The Power of One," "Galapagos," "Northface," "Whale Rider," and "The Red Violin," among other intelligent fare. Meanwhile, Harkins Flagstaff is offering residents such films as "Vampires Suck," "Piranha 3D," "Nanny McPhee Returns," and "The Other Guys." While some of these movies may be tolerable entertainment, Flagstaff deserves at least a few more intelligent movie choices.

Therefore, we the undersigned, current residents of Flagstaff, Arizona or its outlying neighborhoods, hereby ask that Harkins Theatres regularly bring to the Flagstaff 11 theater more intelligent movies more suitable to a mature and highly educated audience.

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