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Dear Ekta and BT,

We R heartbroken to know U R planning 2 separate our favorite jodi Milind-Prachi(MICHI) we started watching Kayamath when Shabbir was introduced 2nd time on 4th July.

Even U R also aware trp n viewership have increased due to MICHI.

We really want MICHI 2 be the main theme of KYM concept.

So please don't separate them permanently N make them go back 2 ex lovers. We R matured enough to understand what's the value of marriage N relationship.

We R aware separation is required to run a daily soap but pls. don't separate MP permanently.

Show something creativity rather than repeating the same concept. We still think Prachi didn't explore the lifestyle N childhood of Milind. She yet need 2 understand Milind's chawl life.You can also introduce Milind's other secret relations or his mom.

Our request is pls show something unique abt MP relationship rather than same old drama.

KYM is a wonderful serial so pls don't spoil this by repeating KZK, kasturi or KTH style.

Do separate MICHI if the story require but not permanently. And also we strongly oppose Milind-Ayesha N Neev-Prachi reunion.

We only want to see our Milind-Prachi on-screen.

Petition 4 making Milind-Prachi 4ever N till KYM. We also want change in title track by including Milind-Prachi.

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