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Cineplex Forum in Montreal

We would like to have the movie: LOVE LIVE! SUNSHINE!! AQOURS FIRST LOVE LIVE! ~STEP! ZERO TO ONE~ to have a screening presence in Montreal! We have a large anime/otaku presence thanks to Otakuthon which is the second largest anime convention in Canada. We hope that with this petition that we can make Cineplex head office in Toronto to be aware that we as the fans in Montreal would like to have the movie screen at Cineplex Forum and not the 10 individual theaters over 5 provinces.

Please allow us a few days to advertise in Montreal to bring fans together and watch this movie as you are fully aware that sales for the Sword Art Online Movie was a great success and want to keep this momentum going!

For those who are signing this petition, you need to write down your location of where you're from and that you are willing to purchase a ticket to see this movie no matter the chosen date that Cineplex has put down on us!

My goal is to have 250 sign petitions would be the minimum to have a full house for one screening night at a Cineplex Theater!

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