#Children's Rights
Hart County GA Schools
United States of America

We want the ability to have shoes and clothing readily at the schools for children who are in need of them to have Access to them. This will be of no cost to the school. Donations can be made to a specific group or person.

Children shouldn't be send to school with shoes that don't fit or damaged or clothing that doesn't fit or damaged. Also the school should provide a form to all parents denying their children this service or allowing their children this service. Children should be provided for.

It is the responsibility if a community not an individual.


Schools in Hart County GA should allow donations to be made to the school for clothing and shoes to be distributed for free to children in need of these items. It will be no coat to the school. School should send home permission slips for approval or denial of the service if needed for their children.

No child should be sent to school with shoes and clothing that are too tight, too big, or damaged. This will be of no cost to the school. It should be a priority for the school to provide for its students to the best of their ability along with the community.

No child should ever go overlooked.

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