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Girl Scouts of the USA
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Remember when you used to wait all year for those thin mints? Those delicious Samoas? For many of us, this all changed once we were diagnosed with Celiac Disease.

If you have Celiac Disease, or your child has Celiac Disease, and you believe that the Girl Scouts should create at least one gluten-free cookie variety, then sign this petition! Doesn't it seem unfair that a little girl with Celiac Disease sells these cookies and makes the Girl Scouts money, but she can't even enjoy one of these cookies herself?

With Celiac Disease diagnoses on the rise, the Girl Scouts need to wake up and cater to the needs of their clientele. Time to make gluten-free Girl Scout Cookies!

We, the undersigned, respectfully insist that the Girl Scouts cater to those who have gluten allergies, and create at least one gluten free cookie variety!

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