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Veg Heads Unite!

Join us in requesting that Chef Guy Fieri & The Food Network feature Foodswings, a vegan gem, on Diners, Drive-ins & Dives! Help us wow the Triple D/Food Network mainstream audience, by getting an extremely worthy Brooklyn joint on this FN show!

Dear Food Network & Chef Fieri,

Foodswings ( http://www.foodswings.net ) is off the chain!, as Guy Fieri would say. It's a "vegan fast food joint" that has some of the BEST diner grub EVER! They also have a cool vibe and an awesome tattooed dude behind the counter (he's taking orders & doing the serving, too). Foodswings & Diners, Drive-ins & Dives are a match made in culinary heaven! The menu, chalked on a massive board above the counter, offers a wide variety of the expected diner/family style fare that you'd expect to see on the show. The food is mindbogglingly decadent grub... that just happens to be vegan.

Please note: This request is not a publicity stunt by Foodswings, or anyone involved with them. However, though they had nothing to do with this, they are aware of our enthusiasm and intentions, and have been supportive. This campaign was started by two lovers of diner food, fans of DDD, who were merely visiting New York from NH and fell in love with Foodswings.

Guy, please, do it once for Morgan...you'll continually go back for yourself! We promise!!!

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