Bring Dream Street back for a reunion tour!
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Dream Street, the popular boyband lasting from 1999-2002, sadly had to break up on August 7th 2002. This was due to a rumor that the performance of the Production Agreement impaired their well being, as state by the Supreme Court. (For more info on the break-up, go to http://groups.msn.com/HookedOnDreamStreet/goodbyedreamstreet.msnw)

Most people think that this wasnt a legitimate reason to split these boys up. We want them back, for just one tour!

We want Dream Street back! Yes, that right, we're finally doing it. A petition for Dream Street to play a reunion tour, and come to Nikon at Jones Beach Theater (Wantagh, New York)!

Sign your name if you feel the same way as we do, or if you just wanna make us happy(: Please, its been a dream of ours to see them, and we really want to make this happen. It will only take a minute of your time to do so.

Help the dream live on!

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