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Dollar General has proposed a brand new general store to be located at the corner of Lancaster Hwy & Providence Road South in the Jackson Township of Union County. The landowner would like to sell his property for this addition to the community.

There is some opposition to adding this much-needed store from nearby landowners, who are concerned a general store might take customers away from the local gas service station at the same intersection. Some owners are resistant to any progressive changes, no matter how much needed.

Yet, contrary to their concerns, this very popular general store will actually encourage area residents to support their local retailers. And since the new store doesn’t sell gasoline, its customers will easily become new customers for the gasoline station. . . and the two businesses will end up supporting and helping each other prosper. A local general store also means residents will no longer need to drive to Monroe or Waxhaw or even to Lancaster, SC for important everyday items.
The Union County Planning Commission’s long-range vision for this intersection already contemplates commercial uses in this location at the intersection of two thoroughfares. The request by Dollar General is therefore consistent with the county’s Comprehensive Plan, and the Union County Planning Staff is recommending approval of the request.

The intersection itself will also have a very convenient traffic circle installed by the NCDOT, creating a much safer intersection.

Local residents can be proud of their new general store. The store’s architecture is low-key and stunning. Dollar General actually redesigned a new “country store” building just for Jackson. There will be 9,100 square feet of interior space and ample parking.

Wherever its stores are located, the Dollar General Company works directly with the local community through its educational literacy-support program that helps area residents, both children and adults, improve their reading skills, further their education and obtain their high school diplomas. The Dollar General program and grants assist schools, churches, libraries and community centers.

In addition, having a Dollar General store in our area automatically means more tax dollars we can put to good use for our local community.

We invite you to attend the Board of Commissioner’s Meeting on Dec. 5th, 7 pm, at 500 North Main Street in Monroe. We hope you will be there to speak in favor of the new Dollar General store and support the required Special Condition Zoning changes needed.

Our Board of Commissioners will vote that evening, and will appreciate hearing from you.

Thank you for your support!

We, the undersigned, request that the Union County NC County Commissioners vote in favor of changing the zoning for the property owned by David Price at the intersection of Lancaster Hwy and Providence Rd S, in order for Teramore Development, LLC to be able to build a Dollar General store in that location which will serve approximated 3000 homes in the area.

This store will keep our shopping dollars and taxes in NC instead of sending them to Lancaster, SC. Thank you!

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