#Consumer Affairs
Greg Fisher and Louisville
United States of America

The tax payers of Louisville feel mistreated by the Louisville Gas and Electric company.

We work hard and want fairness and good customer service given to us by LG & E and possibly another competing company in the city.

We the undersigned feel that we have been treated with horrible and humiliating customer service from LG and E.

We feel that our hard earned money should go to a company that cares about our well-being and growing families. This company has a huge lack of compassion for their customers and families; it needs to be stopped immediately.

With this petition we are hoping to get the attention of the president of LG and E (Victor Staffieri) so that some of the company's rules and regulations can be changed. It is unacceptable that a company of this stature would rather disconnect their tax payer’s essential utilities than to work them on certain issues that can be resolved very easily.

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