Mass Effect came out in 2007, followed by ME 2 in 2010, and ME 3 in 2012. In a span of 5 years, possibly the greatest video gaming trilogy was released with millions of fans who got to experience a temporary escape from reality. Through the connections with the various characters, while playing as a bad ass or saint, countless people got to live their own stories as Shepherd and save earth.
Five years later, Andromeda was released. With many high expectations that had complications while being met, it's safe to say that BioWare is one of (if not) the leading gaming developers in the world. However, with so many disappointed fans and so many patches that have already come out since the release on 03/21, isn't it time you gave the people what they want?

Obviously Bioware has stated that they'd like to move onto the future, and they're making big bucks doing so, but why not give the FANS what THEY WANT?

Let's face the facts: Andromeda is amazing and so futuristic, BUT, does BioWare not understand how much MORE money they're missing out on by NOT doing an HD remaster of ME 1,2&3?
They could simply re-sell it like new (due to the diffulties of remastering video games these days). BioWare gets more and more money in addition to the money they're already making from Andromeda and their other games, and the fans stay HAPPY. It may not be all about the money, but could it really hurt to earn a few extra dollars just by tweaking a finished project?
Not everyone likes change, and not everyone likes to dwell in the past, but why miss out on a chance to not only cash in big but maintain the happiness and attention of your fans? Don't the feelings of the people buying and playing your (amazing) games matter?

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