Apocalypse Con.. It's gonna be EPIC.... are u ready for this?Cause we are...... and we cant wait any more.

We can do it!We want it!!we can all work together with kefi!! We ve heard of Supernatural conventions throughout the whole world... Canada, Chicago, California, Argentina, and now in Europe, England, Germany, Spain, Italy.. One Show has united people from all the corners of earth.. it has created bonds between them.. And Now here in Greece... we make a remarkable effort, from creating little pictures just for fun to making groups in facebook and twitter..

In the beginning it was difficult to maintain the audience’s interest since the show was aired very late at night, but by each year this audience was getting bigger and now we are satisfied to know that there are people who love the show enough to stay awake till late at night just to watch it.

We believe this is evidence of the loyalty we have shown to the show and to the amazing scriptwriter Eric Cripke, who’s done an excellent work.We are also aware that there’s gonna be a convention in Italy which is next to us,but we also know that we want to bring Supernatural here Greece, so as every greek fan will be able to go.We are willing to work hard and with patience until our goal is achieved.

We are characterized by unity and we are sure that with your permission we can do a lot more than just that!we can ma ke our dream true!

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