President Donald J. Trump
United States of America

Mainly Democrats, the left, socialist and liberals have proven they have broken many of our American laws! We The People demand swift legal action taken against all involved. Many have been sown in to protect Americans and our constitution many of them turned the other check and went against our rights! We The People demand justice for all those in government positions now and past to be held fully accountable for there criminal actions. If you are not for We The People, Our Constitution Our Amendments and our freedoms and values. Your not entitled to any government position what so ever.

We The People the undersigned, Call on our great president Donald J. Trump, To immediately fire and prosecute all those that hold (or have held) government positions that have committed endless crimes. Many who have sworn under oath to protect and serve the American people, Our Constitution, Amendments and our freedom and values. Many whom are Democrats, the left, socialist and liberals. Many are guilty of not holding there oath! Many are also guilty of treason, fraud, inducing riots, hate crimes, Stomping all over our fellow Americans and our rights And know there are many more countless felonies betrayed on We The People. We The People Of The United States Of America Demand our military, law enforcement to immediately raid and arrest all involved in Washington and all of our other states that shows this in justice prosecute them to the fullest of our American Laws. Signed by We The People. Original date Feb. 5, 2017 Justice For All! D.M.

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