White House 2 ~ White House Dream Team: attn: President Obama
United States of America

We must utilize logic as it concerns the use of genetically~modified organisms. Limits must be defined in terms considering public health, rather than financial considerations. We now have clean technology available to replace toxic plastics, agricultural poisons, and fuels; even jet fuel.

Governmental administration is called for to subsidize proper alternatives to environmentally~destructive practices. Please limit incentives to those corporations and individuals who are willing to "go green" in every way possible. Require that all investments [s.a. mutual funds] be limited to truly ecological sustainable projects, businesses, cooperatives, and corporations.

Empower and morally support "bioneers" who wish to implement new approaches and create jobs. Projected time~lines for transition to sustainable technologies would take too long and compromise of quality is wrong.

We, the people, in order to form a more perfect union, request that industry and agriculture be required to clean up toxic waste and halt its production.

As a grass~roots coalition, we purpose to do anything we can to adhere to natural law as it concerns the threats of species extinctions, cancers, birth defects, mental instability, and gross pollution~related problems.

We ask that non~toxic plastics and bio~fuels be mandated, without the use of pesticides, herbicides, and chemical fertilizers. Protect bee colonies as indispensable pollinators. Reverse the spread of the Gulf of Mexico "dead zone".

Preserve the dna of future generations. Do not sponsor polluting projects in other countries. Be an example for the world and stimulate competition to raise conscientiousness and excellent standards.

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