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President Duterte

One of the divisive persons in Philippine's history is still not laid to rest in his final resting place. Vilified on one side and adored on the other. While people continue to judge him for what he did/did not do, this part of history needs a closure. Which may not be to everybody's liking. Still according to a recent press release, the AFP said that under its regulations, the following persons are qualified to be interred at the cemetery:

Medal of Valor awardees
Presidents or commander-in-chief, AFP
Secretaries of national defense
AFP chiefs of staff
Generals/flag officers of the AFP
Active and retired military personnel of the AFP (including active draftees and trainees who died in line of duty, and active reservists and CAFGU Active Auxiliary who died in combat-related activities)
Former members of the AFP who laterally entered or joined the Philippine Coast Guard and the Philippine National Police
Veterans of Philippine Revolution of 1890, World War I, World War II, and recognized guerrillas
Government dignitaries, statesmen, national artist and other deceased persons whose interment and re-interment has been approved by the commander-in-chief, Congress or the secretary of national defense
Former presidents, secretaries of defense, dignitaries, statesmen, national artists, widows of former presidents, secretaries of national defense and chief of staff

Former President Marcos was a President and was a soldier. Therefore he is qualified to be laid to rest at the Heroes' Cemetery.

My father once said, history is written by the victors, so doubt anything you hear when they say something about the defeated.

President Marcos was vilified while those who started the rebellion that caused thousands of people to die and almost half a million displaced before the Martial Law are hailed as heroes. Vilified by those who were victorious who rallied the Philippines with a promise of a brighter future but instead dragged the country in the mud with worse cases of corruption and abuse of power. It is ironic isn't it, that the very person they accused who did not care about the people built majority of the infrastructures for the people which we still use today.

We, the undersigned support the Philippines President Rodrigo Duterte's plan to bury former President Ferdinand Marcos at the Libingan ng mga Bayani.

We believe he is qualified to be buried there and we strongly believe it is time to put this contentious issue to rest and move on and work together for a stronger and better Philippines.

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