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For over a year the western border region of Pakistan, Parachinar Kurram Agency, has faced bloody clashes with the Taliban in which hundreds of innocent people were killed and thousands were injured. The situation in the recent weeks has been further escalated as has the brutality against the civilian Shia population.

The triumvirate intelligence agencies’ (CIA-Mossad-RAW) joint venture of aiding and abetting the militant and illiterate Taliban forces has left Parachinar in a pool of blood. By attacking the valley with large numbers of fighters from the surrounding areas, they hope to ethnically cleanse the region of the resident Shias.

One cannot help but note the similarities between the Taliban and the Zionist methods of operation. They blocked the main Thal-Parachinar Road for over a year in order to strangle and starve the population. Ambulances have being targeted to prevent the injured from seeking help. And recently, the Taliban literally slaughtered, in the most cruel fashion, a group of passengers and security forces in Waziristan and Darra Adam Khel and gave exposure to their own bestiality. They even had the gall to issue these clips to the BBC and other media outlets.

As a consequence of this criminal behavior, food commodities such as flour, sugar and oil have become very scarce. Furthermore, the Taliban have cut off the main supply of electrical and communication lines, leading to a true humanitarian crisis that is impacting the most vulnerable.

The burning question is this. Where does the Pakistani government and its law enforcing agencies fit into the equation? Who is using 80 % of the state budget? Is the protection of the citizens of Pakistan not a constitutional responsibility? If it is then why are they not intervening to halt these atrocities by the Taliban? It appears as though instead of punishing the perpetrators they are providing them additional support!

Clearly these atrocities are committed by those opposed to Islam in general, and the Shias in particular in order to defame the name of Islam globally. The idea is to prevent any possibility of unity amongst the Muslims and to play the sectarian card. While the reality is that the clashes are between the anti-state Taliban militants and the patriotic people of Parachinar. In a wider context the aim is to fulfill the agenda of the occupiers of Iraq and Afghanistan and make Parachinar into a second Waziristan.

But the courageous people of Parachinar will not allow this to happen as they struggle for their rights and fight back. In order to raise awareness to this issue and to bring to light the Zionist-Taliban agenda a series of videos of the crimes against humanity have been posted on Youtube.

Gruesome realities of clashes in Parachinar Kurram Agency FATA can be viewed in these pictures and the links below which are part of an extended video split into short clips.

http://www.youtube. com/watch? v=DCF6J678HbE

http://www.youtube. com/watch?v=C0D_gjbV5l4&feature=related

http://www.youtube. com/watch? v=YkQ7DLwJ- Pk&feature=related


Strong condemnation of acts of genocide in Parachinar, Pakistan - Dated: July 2, 2008.

The catastrophic situation in Parachinar can now be described as genocidal. Will the Pakistani government remain a silent witness to this religious persecution? Can its intelligence agencies be proud of being accomplices in this crime by way of their inaction?

As Muslims we have no choice but to condemn those who are in power in Islamabad; those who make huge claims when it comes to fighting terrorism but allow an even worse form of terrorism and religious genocide in the Parachanar region.

I appeal to all humanitarian organizations to take the Parachinar issue seriously as it has now become a major humanitarian crisis, and a human rights issue.

It was exactly this kind of state-sponsored terrorism and religious extremism committed by General Zia ul Haq's regime that brought Pakistan to its current shameful socio-political and socio-econimic state.

The current rulers in Islamabad should know that Parachinar has become vulnerable to threats because of Talibanisation, and if the status quo is not changed readily, we may be witnessing the culmination of the current administration.

I condemn all violence against all innocent peoples, and I am writing to your agency today because I believe that your department can be instrumental in resolving this situation. Pakistan must take responsible actions and stop this violence immediately. Please do not disappoint the international community with further inaction - you must protect your citizens.

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