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The Virginia Clean Economy Act (VCEA), passed and signed into law in April 2020, is the most radical piece of energy legislation in the United States. Buried inside this law is a mandate forcing Virginia's energy providers to clear cut an estimated 490 square miles of the Commonwealth's valuable forests for the placement of solar farms. This is over 20 times the size of Manhattan or 237,000 football fields and will create a hugh environmental impact to our wildlife and natural resources. Additionally, the law is projected to add over $800 a year or about $70 per month to the average consumer's electricity bill. We cannot afford this "electricity tax" in Virginia.

Please learn more by watching the REPEAL VCEA video and visiting our website at www.RepealVCEA.com

And thank you for signing our petition to REPEAL VCEA. It will be sent to every Member of the Virginia Legislature.

We, the undersigned, call on the Virginia General Assembly to REPEAL the Virginia Clean Economy Act. This falsely named law will significantly harm Virginia's forests and wildlife while placing a severe "electricity tax" burden on all citizens and especially our lower and middle income consumers in the Commonwealth.

We ask that the General Assembly institute a more sensible environmental legislation that ensures no clearcutting of our forests; that will place limits on the size and amount of solar and wind facilities; place limits on the increase in average residential electric bill with continued oversight by the State Corporation Commission to protect the consumer; and repeal any and all state tax credits for solar and wind facilities.

Thank you for listening to your consitituents and concerned citizens.

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