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Everyone knows that passport can run android.

BlackBerry is ending soon the support of BBos 10 and they might drop out the manufacturing of smart phones.

We are a lot of BB Passport owners that we need the transition to android for future app support after BBos be abandoned. We also need new devices with that form factor so blackberry should give the option to old owners and new buyers to install on latest Android or latest BBos.

We are sure that this will boost new sales of BB Passport (and that is something that maybe BB does not want as they transitioning to new devices).

There are many users that prefer Passport’s form factor and it is easier for BB to make great sales as they have it on production and not spent money for new designs and production lines. It is just software and we know that is has happened experimentally on a device.

Please watch the youtube video below a BB Passport running on Android Lollipop.


We request all old owners and new buyers of BlackBerry Passport to have the option to install the latest Android (or latest BBos by choice).

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