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As you gamer friend already know, the game for the ps vita Call of duty : declassified its already out and the critics are not good, for some reason we got the game, maybe you had faith in it, maybe it was a gift, whatever the cause now its in your hands, the reason of this petition its to ask treyarch to give us a DLC ( maybe free maybe not) for zombies, we know we have "hostiles" mode but its not the same and this its a BLACK OPS game and that means it need zombies mode.

Me as an owner of the game Call Of Duty: declassified ask to Treyarch Studios to take care or find a company to develop a Zombie mode for the ps vita title Call Of Duty: declassified, this most include 3-4 maps, also including all the classic endless waves, weapons, perks and easter eggs that make the "Zombie mode" so great.
We are not asking it for free, we are asking reasonably price for it.

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