#Neighborhood Living
University of Southern California
United States of America

It has come to our concern that Tram services are absent but desperately needed in an area dense with students, staff and faculty, to ensure their safe arrival to and from campus, especially during the nighttime hours.

The needs of these residents are no different than the needs of residents north of campus, but the discrepancy between the quantity and quality of services on the west side of campus is much too large. It is unfair that we students who live off of campus to the west are not given the same attention, but still pay the same student fees that go toward Trojan Transportation services.

It is our opinion that if a tram (Tram D) can be created to travel from the 901 Bar on Figueroa, to campus, then to Fraternity Row (28th St.) when already there is a tram in place that travels from campus to Fraternity Row, the west side at least should be offered a route. Student safety is everyone’s number one concern, and the students, staff and faculty who live on the west side would like to see more effort by the university to ensure theirs.

We, the undersigned, call on the University of Southern California Transportation Services to implement a tram system for the students, staff, and faculty living on the West Side of campus (The area bordered by Jefferson, Vermont, Normandie and Exposition).

Having this system will create a safer and more enjoyable place to live near the USC campus.

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