Nintendo, ZeniMax and id software

Not only is Doom one of the most important and iconic video game series of all time, but it's also the one property owned by ZeniMax with the best history with Nintendo, which includes a title like Doom 64.
There's a lot of potential to gain from adding the father of first person shooters and a beloved gaming hero, who packs a big arsenal and great abilities to make up for a great moveset.
Despite the series history with violence, satanic imagery and realistic weaponry, you could still find ways to represent Doomguy's personality and represent some of the more cartoonish looking demons, while restricting his arsenal to more sci-fi/non bullet or shell based guns and bring some of the iconic soundtrack.
If Snake and Bayonetta can fit, so can Doomguy.
Even if Smash never had a true western fighter, Doomguy could break that barrier, even if he's not the first.

We'd like to see Nintendo, ZeniMax and if software to collaborate, to make Doomguy into a new third party fighter in a Smash game.
There should be great ideas on how he could fit in the game and retain his personality, without literal violence, satanic imagery or realistic weaponry.

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