Berks East Gymnastics - Mike Vanim
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All members of the Berks East GFA Team are required to sign a participation agreement in the beginning of the season. This contract states, “Berks East Gymnastics are separate from this Agreement and that Berks East GFA Team is a separate entity from Berks East Gymnastics”.

The Berks East GFA Team rents space from the gym for practicing and is financially responsible for the coaching fees and travel expenses for all meets. Therefore, the Berks East GFA Team should have been included in the decision to fire the head gymnastics coach for their team.

Also, as we have been reminded again and again, this is a team sport. All members are a valuable part of that team. It is extremely difficult to change the routines weeks before an event. This puts extra stress on the gymnasts and remaining coach. They should go into an event comfortable and ready to compete/perform.

We, the undersigned, call on Mike Vanim of Berks East Gymnastics to hire Coach Christy Smith back until after Nationals on June 18 through June 22.

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