Rumiko Takahashi, Sunrise media

Rumors are being spread about Inuyasha's cancellation!!! Just wanting to know if its true!!!

Whut is wrong with you?? Do you like seeing your fans go all out for you, and pile up to watch you're shows and then find out there canceled, there no longer going on air!!!!! Because we don't find that amusing!!!

We luv watching Inuyasha, but we don't like being played with, and left here wondering if Inuyasha is off air or not!!! It's not funny and it needs to STOP RIGHT NOW!!!! We deserve to know the truth not rumors!!! Plus, we deserve to see all the rest of the Inuyasha episodes and movies!!! The least you could do is stop the rumors. And if you're trying than maybe you need to try a little bit harder because most of are confused and don't know whut the heck is going!!! And sorry if we're putting pressor on you but we're just worried and afraid that the movies and episodes are over with, and as you can see we don't want them to be!!!

We're dedicated fans who are here to support you and want the word to go out that Inuyasha is not leaving. Just one problem though its not happening so far. We wanna see the rest of them, where not from Japan so how about helping out you're other friends on the other side of the world by putting it in English!!!! PLEASE!!!!! That's all we beg and plead of you!!!! No rush just a movie at some point of time while we're still alive and kicking, and willing to watch it.

Cause as you can see you've already had an anormous amount of people give up on you!! Do you want to lose all you're fans?? PLEASE!!! If its not you then set the rumors straight!! Talk to them, do something PLEASE!!!!

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