#City & Town Planning
Mayor of Townsville Jenny Hill

Townsville City Council plan to build a bus hub in Ogden Street and demolish the hardware store to give them access to Hanran Street. This will allow the buses to flow through from Ogden Street into Hanran Street.. The concept of squashing a bus hub into such a built up area is of concern because of excess noise and bus fumes for the many residents in that area. We believe that there will be 9000 buses moving through the city per month!
We are also concerned because Ogden Street will become a one-way street and this will put extra pressure on Denham, Flinders and Sturt Street. There are already traffic issues in Sturt Street. This has the potential to create excess noise and fumes to residents in T1 and shop owners in all of these streets.
We believe that this plan is not well thought through and needs to be reconsidered.

We the undersigned ask the Townsville City Council to reconsider the positioning of the bus hub in Ogden Street taking into consideration the environmental issues of noise and bus fumes and general traffic pressures in the Central Business District.

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