Those who believe that cancer is the enemy and want to fight back.

Fighting cancer truly is one of the strongest unifying causes in the world today. It is our suggestion that organizations that support cancer research work together and host the WORLDS BIGGEST CANCER FUNDRAISER!

The fundraiser would call for 1 million volunteers to raise $100 each and show up on 1 day to organize themselves with color coordinating T-Shirts that when viewed from above the sea of people would spell "WE FIGHT CANCER". Put all the volunteers on a plaque,
put it in a park somewhere and it will be an event forever etched into our history - that 1 million people wanted to be remembered for FIGHTING CANCER.

Imagine the psychological impact that would have on a nation if they saw 1 million people gathered in one place to display a message-"WE FIGHT CANCER".

It's quite simple actually. Keep in mind that this event would make a minimum of $100 million dollars. Get San Francisco to host the event. Pick a venue there (the embarcadero, golden gate park, Market street, etc), get a corporate sponsor (Genentech and others I'm sure would jump at the huge branding opportunity). It's not that hard to line people up wearing a single colored T-Shirt.

If cancer research foundations and some corporate sponsors go on TV tomorrow and say they are looking for 1 million volunteers to participate in the WORLDS BIGGEST CANCER FUNDRAISER there would probably be enough before the end of one week.

Get other cities involved. Not every host city would have to have a million people. There are a number of open roof sports stadiums in cities around the country that you could file people into and have them color coordinate their t shirts to spell "WE FIGHT CANCER". Right across the bay is the Coliseum,viewed from above you would see the Oracle Arena as well (Ding! Another sponsor). In L.A. there is the Coliseum too where USC plays. I'm sure you can find venues in a lot of major cities to tag onto this fundraiser.

On April 22, 1990 1.5 Million people gathered in Central Park, New York for Earth Day. Lets do the same thing. Lets show the world that 1 million people really can get together and fight for one cause...WE FIGHT CANCER.

We, the undersigned, call on the cancer research foundations of the world to join together to host the world's largest cancer fundraiser.

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