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lismore city council

Besides the fact that the forced medication of fluoride in our water supply is unethical and against our human rights, water fluoridation is scientifically and globally recognized to be directly linked to increased rates of cancer, neurological disease, depression, lower IQ and infertility.

We need to hold those in government who are ignoring the recent results in scientific studies accountable. Our health, our choice. There are substantial numbers of people who do not want it and once it is in the water supply there is no way to filter it out. Fluoride especially disadvantages low income earners, and harms people suffering from cancers and kidney/thyroid/liver diseases.

Please sign this petition.

(We also invite you to attend council public WORKSHOP when it happens, and in the meantime write and meet with councillors. they are real people with hearts and minds who need you to share your concerns directly with them.)

We, the undersigned, call on Lismore City Council to support it's residents human rights and choice by NOT supporting fluoridation of the water supply.

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