Somali people across the world

Hundreds of Civilians lost they life after a heavy fighting erupted in the strategic Port town of Kismaayo late Friday afternoon. Kenyan Troops openly joined the clashes that started between other parties. Witnesses say clashes between local residents and the Raskambooni group led by Kenyan soldiers continued until Saturday evening. As result, private property have been looted and destroyed into the ground.

The numbers of civilian casualties keep rising as the residents find more bodies lying in the streets. The people of Kismaayo had been terrorized in the past three days; they live under oppression and tyranny as we speak. Kenya has broken the mandate of the amisom troops in Somalia, which was restricted for peace keeping only. We demand an end of the atrocities and complete withdrawal of the Kenyan soldiers in Kismaayo.

We, the undersigned call for the U.S government, the International community and IGAD to intervene and demand withdrawal of the Kenyan soldiers in Somalia.

Kenyan policy toward the Juba region has been quite different and de facto to the Somali federal government.

Recently, Kenyan forces denied security protections to the federal government officials who came to visit to cool the tension down. Not only has that, but Kenya continued to abandon anyone who tries to object their mission in Somalia. They arrested high Somali commander without proper cause and still hold him in prison to unknown location. Kenya has benefited economically and politically from the endless fragile situation of our country.

It is obvious Kenya is operating outside of Amisom’s Mandate and if they succeed, we afraid our sovereignty may be at risk. We may never feel secure and have our federal government work again. We feel the time has come to stand for our freedom, Sovereignty and dignity.

We say NO to atrocity, oppression and Kenyan domination in our homeland.

We ask you to sign this petition and have your voice the situation in Kismaayo!

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