"We Somalilanders of the diaspora, call on citizens at home and abroad and all friends of Somaliland to ask Rayaale to step down respectfully."

Despite a motion of impeachment approved in the House of Representatives ( Elected), President Rayaale of Somaliland is clinging to power, and wants to offset with counter-motion from the Upper House (unelected) and whose term the President extended by full four years in 2007.


President Rayaale failed the most important duty in a democracy, holding election on time. That election was due on April 2008. It was twice delayed by Guurti( unelected Upper Chamber), the last one to 29 September2008, thus extending the President's term to 29 October 2009 ( An extension of 18 months).

The failed President asks the same Guurti to extend his term, third time. This political seesaw, took Somaliland back to dark episode of dictatorship, an era they hardly afford to remember. There has been a series of peaceful demonstrations, which the authority used force to disperse, killing three and wounding dozens, with a detention of over sixty. READ VOICE OF AMERICA: 3 Killed in Somaliland Protests.

The international communities expressed concern over the deterioration of democracy in Somaliland. Read the following report article:

We believe President Rayaale is either incapable to hold elections, or worst is sticking to power illegaally. Somaliland, unrecognized nation that was on the verge of recognition due to its stability and remarkable democratic institutions is turning into a cobweb of despotic leadership.

President Rayaale is openly bidding Guurti votes with the hardly earned nations meagre resources. Land and public properties are sold without tender, fishing licence are offered secretly, and independent media is constantly under threat. The government owned media, radio and TV are solely used by the ruling Party propaganda. Even the news of the Parliament is not allowed to be aired. There is no judiciary Independence, and the police are under the thump of the executive body.

For more information read Human Rights Watch exclusive report, click the following links:
Somaliland: Fragile Democracy Under Threat

To save Somaliland from certainty of instability and violence that accompany with selfish leadership that holds to power at all cost, material and moral, we call for your help to join us in this petition.

"We Somalilanders of the diaspora, call on citizens at home and abroad and all friends of Somaliland to ask Rayaale to step down respectfully."

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