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President Mwai Kibaki lacks one of the most important qualifications for a leader, which is communication skills.
The president has been in power since independence, serving as a member of parliament, minister for health, minister for Finance and many other titles.

Kenya has always suffered a reputation of land grabbing, negative ethnicity, lack of future planning, low investment in research and technology leading to unemployment hunger, disease and starvation to sum it up poor leadership.

The issue of a new constitution, land reform, fighting corruption and bad governance has always occupied the lives of Kenyans for a long time. And the preaching of democracy made Kenyans believe that change could come through the ballet, but the 27th December 2007, proved Kenyans wrong, more than half a million Kenyans became refugees in their own land and about 1000 people lost their lives. Kenya needs a strong leader who can influence others to reach a common or communal goal.

The President has failed memory, he can not remember the names of his ministers, how many provinces and districts are in the country. He refers to ministers as mavi ya kuku, pumbavu. The minister is the commander in chief of the armed forces and he can't even walk fast.

All this can be viewed and watched through the Internet on "you Tube", "Kenyan newspapers". You can also call Kenya and confirm.

"We Kenyans of the diaspora, call on Kenyans, AU, UN and other development well wishers to ask Kibaki to step down respectfully."

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