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The aim of this group is to counter a call for the Boycott of our Island by a few Irish people with regard to a judgement in the Michaela Harte murder case where the 2 accused were acquitted in Mauritius.

These Irish are calling on the Boycott of our Island until the murderers are locked up. Although we do sympathize with the family of the deceased, we firmly believe that a call for the boycott of our Island is unfair and unjust.

We are not here to trash and hit back on the Irish unless we are racially abused and our integrity as a nation is soiled. In as much as we have to defend ourselves, our aim is not equal to belittling them Irish. If they want to boycott our island, it is their choice and in no way are we going to starve of famine. We Mauritians are proud of our Nation. We will do whatever it takes to safeguard it.

We are aware of the flaws in our society and it is for us to deal with them and we have no lesson to learn from the Irish. All we are asking for is for them to stop treating us like criminals. We are proudly Mauritian and by no means murderers.

We are proudly Mauritian: Do not boycott Mauritius.

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