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Do you love MTV's Cara Maria Sorbello? I certainly do. Between her unique personality, her awesome sense of humor, and her unmatched sex appeal who would blame you? Not to mention a natural athletic ability too earning herself the fastest 40 yard dash time (6.13) and most pull ups (6) doing more than 3x as many as the next closest female competitor (Laurel) and only one rep behind Pete in MTV's Fresh Meat 2.

Often called a "victim" or perceived as a weak competitor by critics but riddle me this haters: can someone who has finished 2nd in two of the last three Challenges, gone a combined 3-0 every time she's had to face a Gulag or Jungle, and has been a part of six team challenge victories (five with the gray team and one with team black) really be a "weak link"? I think not! Because even in the cases where she wasn't the best competitor she never quit or punked out during a challenge because it was "too high" or claimed to be a god only to literally have to be carried on his partner's back or sell her soul in order to gain favor in the house.

Even if you still think she's "weak" or a "victim" after all of these facts, what you can't deny is that Cara Maria gives 100% every single time she's out there and always provides the best commentary in her confessionals. Now that's just damn good tv!

I'm urging anyone who loves Cara Maria as I do to sign this petition.

Together with enough rallied support we'll convince MTV and Bunim/Murray Productions to have the lovely Cara Maria on more of their shows and Challenges in the future!

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