Carrefour Supermarket

Dear Sir/Madam,

It has come to our attention that your store ‘Carrefour’, an internationally recognized name, has done very little to raise the awareness of your customers to the dangers of plastic bags in Indonesia, nor to provide alternatives for them such as a cloth bag, which could be recycled and purchased within your store.

Plastic bags are a danger to the environment. If burnt, they contribute to Global Warming by producing carbon monoxide which gets trapped in the earth’s atmosphere. If buried, they take at least 100 years to decompose and contaminate the earth’s soil with poisons. If thrown away, they often end up polluting our waterways contributing to flood problems and killing marine life.

Plastic bags are hazardous and there are alternatives. We are strongly urging your company to provide the public with the choice of being able to purchase a cloth bag at the checkout registers of your store.

Your company could be seen as a pioneer in raising awareness of the dangers of plastic bags and providing safe alternatives. With an international name such as yours, imagine the impact of this change on the Indonesian environment. Your guidance in this direction would establish your name as a leading supermarket that cares for the environment.

Furthermore, your company would save money. How many plastic bags does your company go through each week? How much money does this cost your company? If you provide cloth bag alternatives which can be purchased for a small fee of approximately Rp5000, your company could save hundreds and thousands of Rupiah each week.

In addition, these bags can be reused again by the customer conserving more of the earth’s resources. Set the wheels in motion in Indonesia. Be an internationally recognized pioneer that for years to come will be renowned for its moral conscience in protecting the environment of Indonesia.

It only takes the courage of one company’s vision to change the whole of Indonesia.

We, the undersigned, call on Carrefour Supermarket to provide alternatives to the plastic bag.

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