#Local Government
The Prime Minister & Westminster City Council
United Kingdom

Westminster City Council has passed new parking regulations which will be implemented by 1st December 2011; these new regulations will have a negative effect on all local businesses and anyone who works in the local area as you will not be able to park on single yellow lines until after 12am from Monday through to Saturday and only after 6pm on a Sunday.

The fees for the parking meters will be £2.40 per hour Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday and £4.80 on Thursday Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

We would like everyone who these new regulations affect to please sign the petition so we can stand together as one.

We the undersigned, call upon Westminster City Council to abolish the new parking regulations within its borough, as the economic effect on the local business infrastructure will be catastrophic and will in effect lead to job losses due to the loss of revenue.

In addition this will also severely compromise the safety of all night workers by forcing them (due to the extortionate parking fees proposed) to commute at unsociable hours by public transport which has proved in the past to be extremely dangerous, also for most this is not an option due to poor transport links in the early hours.

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