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Between 1955-1975 The Vietnam War was active (Men were sent away to fight). Federal government introduced housing assistance that eventually would play a key role in the separation of family by forbidding men be allowed to live in communities supported by these programs.

In the 1970’s drugs were introduced heavily. Many of us looked to these substances as coping mechanisms that which we masked amongst partying and enjoying ourselves.

In the 1980’s crack cocaine became an epidemic and HIV weakened us.

By the 1990’s fathers had become an option and not a requirement.

The 2000’s spawned a new reality in which “the chickens had come home to roost”. The residual effect of children being raised in single parent homes and mothers left to doing most things on their own had become the new norm. This trend has become another generational curse.

The 2010’s have brought massive conflict. The tug of war between young and older is ripping at our core. When did we acknowledge the necessity of healing? We rarely even discuss it. We try to put bandaids on bullet wounds. We constantly attack each other and seem to have no value for life.

Something has been broken and will not be fixed until we take the time to heal. It is my belief that this process can only begin with forgiveness and real action. If we can agree on nothing else, let’s agree to love each other everyday and on purpose. We are the change in which we seek.

We, the undersigned, call to the women and children of our communities to accept our apologies and lend your forgiveness for our role in the underminding and near destruction of our families in the last sixty years.

In the 1950’s and 1960’s, many of our fathers and grandfathers went off to fight in an exhausting Vietnam war. Many returned to us different and by the 1970’s were introduced to drugs and other forms of coping mechanisms. The fabric of structure and family were stripped from our communities and has had a ripple effect into current times. Combine this with Jim Crow oppression and slavery, and we should all agree that it is truly a blessing to simply survive.

Today, my call to action is for every man within my reach and extended connection, take this moment to isssue an apology for not being strong enough to withstand the social and economical attacks our forefathers faced or the ones we have endured ourselves. We have abandoned our homes which means we have not properly protected and secured our women and children. We have not been loyal to our original promise to ourselves or God. We have fallen short on our commitment to greatness.

I would ask that none of us be so selfish to omit ourselves because we feel we hold no responsibility in transgressions of our brothers and elders.. I would ask that this only serves as a vehicle to begin true dialogue and action towards a better today and tomorrow. I sincerely hope my request is received in the manner in which I deliver it that which is love. We are a broken people. However, healing is also an option. Forgiveness is a choice. Humility is noble. And God is not done with us! ❤️

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