Judge David Haimes,17th Judicial Circuit Court of Florida
United States of America

This is a petition for sentencing in the case of The State of Florida versus Wayne Treacy.

On July 16th 2012, Wayne Treacy was convicted and found guilty of the crime of premeditated attempted first degree murder with a deadly weapon. He faces 50 years in prison, and we the supporters of Josie Lou Ratley are requesting with this petition that he be given the maximum prison sentence required by law.


The day March 17 2010, Deerfield Beach Middle School.Wayne Treacy and Josie Lou Ratley had never met,but someone was using Josie Lou Ratley's phone on March 17 2010 to text Wayne Treacy. (The night before all this happened, Treacy wrote a will and did research on his computer, how to kill someone fast!)

He stayed home from school on March 17th,he was on a mission that day!His mission was to kill someone.

15-year-old Wayne Treacy put on his brothers clothes,his brothers steel toed boots and his brothers steel toed gloves,biked 3 miles to Deerfield Middle School,and after his friend Kayla Manson pointed out Josie Lou Ratley he came up behind Josie and pounced, he punched her in the back of the head with steel knuckled gloves, knocking her down, then proceeded to kick her in the head soccer style with steel toed boots beating her nearly to death.

As a result of this attack Josie has a severe head injury.Her doctors expected her to die,and when she lived they said she is a miracle.

The Josie her family and friends knew died that day when part of her brain was killed!He stole Josie's future from her. Josie will NEVER graduate Middle School. Josie will NEVER go to High School. Josie will NEVER attend prom. Josie will NEVER graduate High School. Josie will NEVER attend college. Josie will NEVER date. Josie will NEVER get married. Josie will NEVER have children. Josie will NEVER regain her artistic talents. Ask Josie what she had for breakfast and she won't remember. Josie will need someone to care for her for the rest of her life.

The message that allegedly triggered such fury in Treacy, involved a comment from Ratley's phone reportedly made about Treacy's 30 year-old brother, who committed suicide in October 2010. Treacy saw his older brother hanging from a tree outside a local church.

According to Treacy's confession and eyewitness testimony,at the trial the events began on March 17,2010 when Treacy's 13-year friend, Kayla Manson,who doesn't own a cell phone, used Ratley's phone to text Treacy.

During an ensuing text exchange,between Ratley's phone and Treacy's phone,the tenor of the messages became increasingly heated,culminating in a message from Ratley's phone to Treacy's phone about Treacy's brother.

We, the undersigned, call upon the Honorable Judge Haimes to sentence Wayne Treacy who was convicted of attempted first degree murder with a deadly weapon in his assault against Josie Lou Ratley to the maximum prison sentence required by law.

When making your decision about the length of his sentence, we ask you to please consider the injuries Josie suffered at the hands of Wayne Treacy.She was severely and permanently injured in this assault and will face a life full of challenges. So much of her life was taken from her that day which she will never recover fully from.

We sign this petition because we feel that Wayne Treacy is a danger to the community at large also because his actions prove that he had time to think and reconsider his actions before he committed the crime, yet he did not and now he needs to be held accountable for those actions.

The Family, Friends and Supporters of Josie Lou Ratley appeal to you to deliver justice for Josie in this case by giving the maximum prison sentence allowed by law.

The Family, Friends and supporters of Josie Lou Ratley

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