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Region of Waterloo

For many years the Alliance Against Poverty has repeatedly argued that residents of the Region of Waterloo who live below the poverty line deserve free transit! The proposal that we have been supporting for several years is simple - anyone in the region who is on Ontario Works (OW) or the Ontario Disability Support Program (ODSP) should have access to free transit. We've also requested that those living below the Low Income Cut Off be eligible for a drastically reduced pass at a cost of $21/month.

Transportation and mobility are key in today’s economy, and transportation is a serious struggle for those living below the poverty line. Access to transportation, especially for the poor, is essential for employment, food, and basic support services. And Grand River Transit (GRT) prices are not affordable to an individual on a fixed lower income. It's time for the Region of Waterloo to come up with a better plan!

Grand River Transit Fares have continued to increase at a substantial rate over the past few years. The Transit for Reduced Income passes cannot keep up with the publics need. This shows a need for re-evaluation of our current public transit fare structure.
It is recognized that the region has implemented a study to address some areas that require evaluation and to consider options to address these areas of concern. It is not acceptable that there is no consideration being given to a free transit system for those in our community who require the most financial assistance.
We the undersigned request that the Region of Waterloo, and therefore Grand River Transit, immediate implement a fair fare system that will allow those who are currently in receipt of Ontario Works or the Ontario Disability Supports Program to ride for free. We request that their dependent children, under their care be eligible participants within the same subsidy. We further our demand by requesting as well that those below the low Income cut off line, be eligible to purchase a monthly transit pass at a cost of half the current TRIP fare, therefore 21$.
Such a system must be implemented immediately, despite the Regions current study as those in need cannot wait for the results of such an expensive study and the implementation of any fare reductions based on its taking place.
Return public transit to the public.

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