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Travelling by transit in BC's lower mainland can sometimes mean trips up to 90 minutes long. There are very few, if any, transit stops where public washrooms are available.

This is particularly challenging for commuters taking the bus to places like Maple Ridge. From Vancouver to Maple Ridge is well over one hour by bus. At the Coquitlam Bus Loop there is no washroom for riders to use. The closest public washroom in the mall is a 1km walk across the highway. This washroom closes with the mall at 9pm.

People with disabilities, health issues, the elderly, those with young children and even able bodied people are not able to access washrooms on long trips and this is UNHUMANE and UNACCEPTABLE.

The BC Government and Translink should be working towards strategic placement of washrooms on suburban buslines. Places like the Coquitlam Bus Yard should be fitted with toilet facilities that are kept safe and clean by staff.

Looking over a map of the transit system in Toronto, it is quickly apparent that washrooms are available in several locations along the system. Yet, in BC we do not even have public washrooms in Waterfront Station, one of the busiest transit hubs in the whole province.

I urge the BC provincial government and Translink to install staffed washroom facilities in critical locations through our Lower Mainland Transit system.

The current lack of washroom facilities, especially for suburban commuters, is inhumane and discourages transit use.

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