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Fort Thomas City Council
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On March 21st residents of Washington Avenue were invited to a public hearing where they learned of plans to widen Washington Avenue from Highland Ave to Joyce Avenue; affecting 25 properties. As residents, we were a bit surprised that Washington Avenue was flagged as needing repair, but we assumed this would just be a simple repaving and some sidewalk repair. The city members argued that more was needed and that widening the road would be beneficial for traffic flow. As property owners on Washington Avenue, this is concerning given we do not feel there is a problem with traffic flow.

As residents and property owners, our desire is not to increase traffic flow and speed, but instead we would like to reduce traffic and speed. It is obvious for anyone that observes driving behavior on Washington Avenue, that a majority of traffic is by Newport and Southgate residents, who now leverage Washington Avenue as a cut through to avoid traffic and stop lights on Highway 27. If one considers there are only 25 homes on Washington Avenue, they would agree that traffic is heavy, especially at rush hour. We, as residents are not responsible for this level of traffic.

Another concern the residents of Washington Avenue has is that drivers often neglect to yield for stop signs (especially when there aren’t many cars parked on the road). Luckily, the current width of the road helps alleviate this behavior because if oncoming traffic is coming, drivers are forced to stop at stop signs to let traffic through. If the road is widened, this will no longer be necessary, increasing the opportunities for drivers to ignore the traffic signs.

We ask that the City of Fort Thomas reconsider widening Washington Avenue. We ask that the safety of our residents is made a priority over the traffic flow for the surrounding communities. If the city is unwilling to acknowledge that request, and will continue with the plan’s presented at the March 21st public hearing, prior to residents feedback, we then ask that consideration be made to negate the costs to property owners. If the city feels traffic flow is a greater importance than residents safety concerns, and improvements being made are for the benefit of the surrounding communities, and not for the property owners, then the city must acknowledge that they consider Washington Avenue as an “artery road.” While this is unfortunate for residents (and our property values), we would prefer the city be honest with its intentions and be fair to those who will suffer as a consequence of their decisions to widen the road.

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