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The cases, statics and tragic losses goes on and on. In too many cases, had the children we have lost or their loved ones been warned that a Convicted Child Predator, was residing nearby.

Even tho some of these offenders have not committed these crimes in some time, there is a possibility the will strike again.... That is why they are on the registry.

REQUIRE CONVICTED CHILD SEX OFFENDERS TO DISPLAY A SIGN... In the front yard of their homes here in WARREN COUNTY!. This will warn off parents, grand parents, guardians, and even more importantly CHILDREN, that danger lurks there, so they can stay away and be safe...

Children do not know how to operate the internet sex offender registries, many adults are still un-aware of them or how to work them as well. Many place "Neighborhood Watch" signs in their windows ~ alerting children of a hopefully "Safe~House" Why can't we have a sign warning them of danger? WE CAN... And WE NEED to....

Please Sign this petition and this will be brought before our County Government.
This sign would be for those offenders with justified acts and repeat offenders. Each will be up for case by case review.

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