Are you tired of your work being stolen, and not getting the credit that you deserve? I know I am!!

I have worked long and hard on the layout for my guild, and what happens? It's stole by some girl on Neopets that says it's hers, that she made it, and that I'M the thief! She stole my guild name, my guild layout, as well as my guild motto. She denies having stolen anything, and is putting me to blame.

Well, I'm tired of being kicked around by this girl that only I know is wrong, and waiting for Neopets to freeze her, so I believe it's time to take matters into my own hands!

If you have ever had graphics or work of any kind stolen from you, then you would know how I feel!

Please sign this petition against thieves and pirates! With more voices, maybe Neopets would take a step up and banish all who steal!

We, the undersigned, say No to online thieves and pirates at Neopets!!

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