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Thanks to Red Ant Touring CUTE IS WHAT WE AIM FOR are bringing their live show to Australia for the first time this November. This tour has been long-awaited by many. The ‘Cute Is What We Aim For Australian Tour 2010’ stops off in Sydney, Melbourne and Adelaide; Brisbane is sadly missed.

Upon enquiring, Red Ant Touring said “We just didn't see Brisbane as an option on this run, a lot of Brisbane shows haven't been going so well lately and we saw it as a big risk for this tour. So I apologise for this.” This is, of course, understandable; however, they also said that interest gathered for a Brisbane leg “Won't go unseen or unconsidered.”

Therefore, this ‘petition’ is for people to express their want for a Brisbane CIWWAF show. Going by what Red Ant Touring said, if we have enough people saying they would attend a BRISBANE show then maybe, just maybe, they will consider having one. The more people who sign and the more interest gathered the better! (So if you are really keen, spread the word).

Cute Is What We Aim For have never toured Australia before and it would be a shame for Brisbane to miss out. If you would attend a show please sign this ‘petition.’

*Also, if a show cannot be held, maybe an in store or something similar could be held? (If you have any ideas, put it in a comment?*

But again, most importantly, spread the word if you are willing to. That will be the main way we can hopefully make this happen. The more signatures the better! So spread the word!

Brisbane wants Cute Is What We Aim For. They need to have a Brisbane show.

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