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This petition is inspired by a recent case of a non-verbal child with autism who wandered off. Since there was no evidence of an abduction, this disappearance did not qualify for the issue of an Amber alert. Wandering (which is different than a child who runs away from home) is typical of developmentally disabled children and adults, alike!

Individuals with autism and related disorders have no fear; they are mysteriously attracted to bodies of water and to strangers. Mentally challenged adults and those suffering with Alzheimer’s also wander and are not easily found! All too often these loved ones end up permanently missing or sadly, found dead!

We are aware that “tracking” devices were created to help in these situations, however there are some major concerns:

The feasibility for struggling families who can barely afford $1 medical co-pays.
The elderly have sensitive, delicate skin.
Autistic children, by disorder, are VERY sensitive to the “feel” of objects.
Individuals with Alzheimer’s will have difficulty “remembering” to wear the wristband consistently.

We, the undersigned, call on the United States Congress to enact into FEDERAL legislation, a law that would enable officials to safely and quickly recover our loved ones who wander due to their mental, developmental, and/or neurological disability!

Creating a Wandering Persons Alert (WPA) would help in easing the burdens of families affected by Autism, Mental and/or Developmental Challenges, Alzheimer’s, and other related disorders.

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