Walworth County Board and the Town of LaFayette Board of Supervisors
United States of America

When the laws were written in the 1970’s allowing for conditional use permits for recycling, recycling did not have such negative environmental consequences. Back then recycling was for cans and newspapers. Back when the previous owners, B R Amon & Sons Inc applied for a conditional use permit for the recycling of asphalt shingles, the board approved the permit with no due diligence in terms of environmental impact. New potential owners are applying for an expanded permit, with no environmental impact studies.

If you are a resident of Walworth county and are at all familiar with the subject property, you know it is located on Potter Road, which is quite close to Sugar Creek-in fact, it’s part of the Turtle Creek Preservation area. Sugar Creek flows into the Fox River! This stands to have a monumentally negative impact on wildlife and fishing!

The Walworth county board’s heavy-handed tactics are unacceptable and the citizens need to show the county board that the citizens do not want their property, food, air, and water polluted with the following: Hydrogen Sulfide, Benzene, Chromium, Formaldehyde, Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons (PAHS), Cadmium, and Arsenic. Not to mention Asbestos!

What can Walworth County residents do? Walworth county residents who are concerned about this pollution should sign the petition and show up for ALL Walworth county board meetings to voice your disapproval!

We the undersigned, object to the petitions of Southwind RAS, LLC, as applicant, and Ronald M. Carlson, receiver, Forseti Consulting, LLC, as owner, for issuance of an amended conditional use permit, to recycle construction materials, in the town of Lafayette, tax parcel nos KLF-20-2, KLF-20-2A, KLF-17-5, and KLF-17-5A.

The proposed use is incompatible with adjacent lands. The proposed use will increase congestion, and create a traffic safety hazard. Approval of this use will set a bad precedent by promoting industrial uses in the center of an agricultural, and residential farming neighborhood.

The proposed use will cause increased noise pollution, and increase the risk of air and water pollution. The existing recycled asphalt storage area on the property does not conform to current county regulations. The requested use will lead to undesirable, permanent, industrial zoning.

The proposed use is inconsistent with the Town's 2035 Master Plan.

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