The Federal Government of Australia

In 1977, 28% of Australians voted for Waltzing Matilda to be our National Anthem.... Now it is time to make it happen.

Please sign our petition calling for a referendum to replace the national anthem with Waltzing Matilda.

Australia's current national anthem, "Advance Australia Fair" is difficult to remember, and does not inspire or unify the nation or optimise patriotism.

Many Aussies do not know the words or what they mean!

Waltzing Matilda has generated enthusiasm, and is the Aussie song chosen in celebration and in times of struggle.

Lets all embrace our heritage, our future and an anthem that is known locally and internationally as Australian.

An anthem that instills pride, strong verse in song and an anthem that has stood by Australia in peace and in times of adversity.

Sign our petition, and let's inspire our nation to be the best it can be. Waltzing Matilda is the unofficial anthem that Australians look to, and choose to sing. Waltzing Matilda is the only song that needs no prompting to bring everyone together in full voice.

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