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Having resided in Taiwan for the last 15 years, I have seen the country develop from martial law to democracy. Although not being a Taiwan National, this does not stop me from concerning myself with the diplomatic isolation that currently exists in Taiwan today.

As Taiwan is visited by very few from western countries, it is unlike Tibet's plight which caused an International outcry from western countries. I feel we need to take The plight of Taiwan to the western World. Only by travelling to western countries can this be realised.

I and my 3 western friends who currently reside in Taiwan. Plan to embark on a sponsored walk from London to Brussels to garner as many signatures as possible in support of Taiwan's entry into the UN body.

At the moment we have 1600 sponsors [mostly foreigners residing in Taiwan]. With pledges in excess of US$11000, we are well on target to reach our target of US$66000 to cover costs. However we are hobbled by the fact that most foreign national companies we approached for sponsorship in Taiwan were touched by our planned sponsored walk, yet were apprehensive of repercussions from mainland China if they officially sponsored our walk. But we were heartened by the fact some companies gave anonymously. We will review and redirect our sponsorship drive in Taiwan.

My 3 friends will all take time off work while on the sponsored walk. I hope my job will remain open after completing the walk.

The 4 of us will be dressed in green... from head to toe. And with 2 cameramen in tow, we hope to set up a website with daily reports of our signature drive. And we are currently negotiating with a Taiwan news channel to cover each of our City legs. Each of us will emblazon on our green t-shirts the name of Taiwan and a logo.... yet to be decided on.

We hope to accumulate upwards of 2 million signatures in support of Taiwan's entry into the UN. Currently we are working on the design of artwork from a well known British designer...free of charge! And plan to walk through as many European Cities as possible in the 3 months beginning early December.

As we four foreign nationals [and it may probably rise] plan to represent Taiwan, we of course needed permission before embarking on our Walk For Freedom from the Taiwan government... which the GIO and MOFA enthusiastically gave us.

WE ALL LOVE TAIWAN! and want to repay the hospitality the people have shown us while working and residing in Taiwan.

Any help and suggestions will be warmly welcomed.

Your's sincerely.
Stuart Atkinson.

We the freedom loving people of Europe and the World call on the UN, with the support of the people undersigned below, to allow full and complete membership of Taiwan to the UN.

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