#Human Rights
Windy Lake Provincial Park, ONtario Parks

For decades local people of Onaping/ Levack have accessed Windy Lake through a right of way pathway from Elks Club Road. This path predates the Park.

Recently Windy Lake Provincial Park has physically blocked this pathway and posted threats to lay charges on people who enter from this route.

We have the right of way to access our local lake without having to travel another 4.6 kilometers to the gate and then another 4.6 kilometers back to the Beach to access our lake.

We demand the pathway be unblocked and walkers and cyclists continue to access the lake as people have for almost 100 years.

I protest the blocking of the traditional walking path on the east side of Windy Lake Provincial park!

Please remove obstacles from our right to access our local lake!

The Walk In To Windy Lake petition to Windy Lake Provincial Park, ONtario Parks was written by Martha CC and is in the category Human Rights at GoPetition.