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Mike- President
United States of America

Currently our neighborhood, Wakefield Village, has no provisions or protections from rental properties. According to the Housing and Urban Development rental properties in middle to high income neighborhoods directly and negatively impact property values 10-35% on average. In addition serious crimes such as child abductions, rape, and drug use increase in neighborhoods with rental properties.

Under the Wakefield Village Restrictive Covenants Section V- Homeowners Association C. "…Covenants may be emended or terminated at any time by written instrument signed and acknowledged by the owners of more than 75% of the Residential Lots and the Jenks City Council. The previsions of any instrument amending or terminating covenants as above set forth shall be effective from and after the date it is properly recorded."

We as residents of Wakefield Village request an amendment to the Restrictive Covenant strictly prohibiting any and all forms of sub-let or rental properties.

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