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The National Minimum Wage was introduced by the Labour government amid fierce opposition from the Conservatives whose then Leader, William Hague (Now Shadow Foreign Sec and de-facto Deputy Leader) branding it ‘the height of reckless irresponsibility’.

Conservative backbenchers are backing a Bill going through Parliament that would allow employers and employees to ‘opt-out’ of the minimum wage, effectively allowing - for instance - agencies to force staff to sign an opt-out contract before giving them work.

If the Bill is passed by Parliament it would fatally undermine the Minimum Wage in the middle of a recession.

The campaign is now being backed by John Prescott and is called 'Wage Concern', below is a video of John launching the campaign:

We, the undersigned, call on MPs to vote against this Bill and stop the National Minimum Wage being undermined and allowing for a return to £3 an hour wages when it is next debated in Parliament on the 15th May.

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