Mr Colin Barnett - Premier of WA

The Premier of Western Australia Mr Colin Barnett is rumored to be spending $23 million to relocate his offices. In WA Cancer patients, like my Mum have to wait up to 6 weeks to have a PET Scan to determine how bad their cancer is.

The reason? There are 2 machines in WA to service the whole state.

A PET Scan machine costs around $1.5 Million....wouldn't Mr Barnett's $23 Million be better spent on improving health services?

Mr Barnett,

Your $23 Million relocation cost is over the top, when Governor Stirling Tower is perfectly fine.

Why not buy a few more PET Scan machines for WA, at a cost of around $1.5 Million each?

Cancer patients are sometimes waiting till it's too late.

Weren't you elected for the people of our state and their needs?



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