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The City of Milford is being assaulted by predatory developers. These developers are circumventing local zoning regulations by filing applications under the 8-30g Affordable Housing Statute. There are several other communities that are also under assault by the current statute. The current statute has seen MINOR changes in its nearly 30 year history. It #1 is simply not working- only 5,000 units have been built under the statute. #2 Predatory developers are abusing the law for their own personal gain, with no regard to zoning regulations, neighborhoods, traffic congestion, building height consideration, lot line consideration, or planning. These developments are: not in keeping with the neighborhood, they are not being built near a city or transportation center- they are being crammed into our highly dense neighborhoods.

"The group Partnership for Strong Communities is opposed to any changes to the Affordable Housing Appeals Procedure (Sec. 8-30g) as contained in SB-535, HB-6880, and HB-7057. These bills will weaken Section 8-30g and will therefore work against the goal of increasing the number of affordable homes in towns across the state and will reduce the opportunity for diverse housing stock."

Partnership for Strong Communities is circulating a statewide petition to vote NO against our bills that will offer some relief to cities and towns WITHOUT compromising the building of Affordable Housing under current law. These bills will NOT weaken SS8-30g.

We the undersigned call on the CT House and Senate Members to VOTE YES to SB-535, HB-6880 and HB-7057. These bill make MINOR revisions to a 30 year old statute that is not producing the results of its intent. Only 5,000 units have been built under the current statue in 30 years-that is approx. 160 units STATEWIDE per year. The above bills DO NOT compromise the much needed building of affordable housing in CT.

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