Andrew Demetriou

Following a lack of direction and decisiveness in dealing correctly with the plethora of scandals plaguing the AFL in the past 12 months, we, the supporters, have decided that enough is enough and we no longer have the confidence in the AFL commission to guide our game in a satisfactory manner.

We, the undersigned, call on the AFL commission to immediately suspend all activities and vacate their offices pending an election of a new AFL commission based on the following points:

- Uneven and rigged fixture draws
- Ridiculous concessions to the expansion teams
- Inconsistent treatment of clubs
- C.O.L.A
- Tanking denial
- Priority picks
- Unprofessional level of umpiring standards
- Constant rule changes and changing of interpretations and directives to umpires during the season
- Inconsistent MRP
- Pandering political correctness & the softening of the game
- Clash jumper crap
- Pre-season comp no-one wants
- Pointless "theme" rounds
- Farcial (and unnecessary) grand final "entertainment"
- Loud & intrusive barrage of noise over the p.a. on gameday and manufactured atmosphere
- Ticket & food prices
- Unequal stadium deals
- Letting television dictate how the game is run and putting money before integrity
- The ill-concieved and half-arsed goal review system
- Strangultion of the state leagues & grass roots football
- Ignoring traditional core fanbases to chase "casual" & new fans
- Inconsistant gagging of criticism
- Creating an atmosphere that's led to a mostly sycophantic media

We also call on the AFL commission to suspend, with full pay if necessary, those persons at Essendon football club who were involved in or participated in the illegal drug scandal immediately while awaiting the outcome of the ASADA and ACC investigations.

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